Programming MaxObjects

What is a MaxObject?
MaxObjects are active pages written in MaxScript just like all other active pages but with some notably exceptions:

In other words MaxObjects are the web counterpart of the "objects" of an Object Oriented Language, or sort of.

Being "normal" pages, anyone can build a MaxObject: under any aspect it is a MaxScript page like any other. In case a MaxObject can be built even without the help of external libraries, just using plain MaxScipt classic code (even if this could probe to be very time consuming).

In theory a complete web application can be implemented with a single, large MaxObject (and in fact some of the samples included with DBFree are very close to this).
This simple web application can consists in a web made of a single web page that is loaded at the beginning without parameters and that stands waiting for user inputs to call itself after submission to react at the inputs.

MaxObject can range from very simple pages of some tens of code lines to very complex objects incorporating thousands of lines.

MaxObjects need a deeper explanation (consult specific Maxsis publications for this) but must be noticed that they have these properties: