What is MaxScript?

MaxScript is an interpreter that offers an Xbase, Clipper-like, server-side programming language designed from ground up for powering web applications.

MaxScript retains the same philosophy of old Clipper: simplicity, easyness and clarity. Its declination of Xbase language aims to be one of the simplest programming language for handling data on the web.

MaxScript rely on capabilities of modern browsers for providing the user interface, and cutting out from original Clipper language architecture all UI functionalities aims to offer a simple, consistent, easy-to-learn language, concentrated in a core set of commands and functions that make possible to build business-oriented web applications based on DBF archives.

MaxScript was designed for simplicity with the primary goal of gain back the fun of coding and the high productivity that was one of the stronger features of its original dBase anchestor.

Tecnically speaking MaxScript is a JIT compiler: it adds an intermediate layer of interpretation to web pages situated between HTML and Javascript, so that web pages written in HTML (and eventually Javascript) can also contain Xbase code, embedded in the HTML or Javascript code, using the same mechanism of other interpreters as PHP or PERL.

MaxScript reads and intercepts Xbase instructions embedded into HTML code and process them before passing back the page to web server (and thus to browser). This means that the Xbase code never reaches the user's browser. The page is passed back as plain text, without any clue of the original MaxScript code, but only with its manipulation results (being database extractions or text, number o date manipulation). The results are always placed in the same exact position where the Xbase code was encountered inside the HTML page manipulated by the interpreter.

Unlike PHP, MaxScript is already enabled to access data sources without need to connect with external database engines. MaxScript rely on RDD (Replaceable Device Drivers) to access DBF tables or ODBC compliant external sources.

MaxScript is not a stand-alone application and can not work alone but needs a web server or an hosting environment like DBFree or DBMax by Maxsis.